Jonathan Kaiser
Jonathan Kaiser UX Design





Project Summary

I created a concept and interface design for a flight booking website. The process started with user research to clarify an opportunity space, and moved forward through wireframes and a functional prototype, all the way through to usability testing.


Directed Storytelling, User Personas, Wireframes, User Flows, Functional Prototype, Usability Testing


Early Concept

An early draft of the search homepage played with spatial metaphors for the flight experience.

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 9.40.28 PM.png

Final Draft: Helping the User Focus their Search

The final site prioritizes simplicity and familiar design patterns, while giving the user a range of tools to focus their search and minimize unwanted search results.


Easy Comparison

Responding to user feedback that schedule was a top priority, but that it was difficult to accurately compare different flight options with existing search tools, the search results screen shows departure and return flights side by side.

The option to save “Favorite” flights for later comparison or delete unwanted results makes it easier for the user to shop for the flights that best fit their schedule and budget.


The Process

Listening to Users

Research began by interviewing users about their experiences with the existing flight search tools, and found points of commonality across the demographic of single travellers in their 30s.

All three users interviewed placed a high priority on specific flight schedule, convenience, and simplicity in the booking process.


Thinking on Paper

Rough sketches formed the basis for the initial wireframes and site map.


From Paper to Digital

Once site structure was established, digital wireframes enabled visualization of features like dropdown menus and modal windows.


Information Architecture

A user flow diagram details the potential paths through the search process.


Usability Test

With a functional prototype in hand, I sat down with users to test the design. Some of the most important interface elements such as Favorites and Price Comparison were being adopted intuitively by these users. From their feedback, I was able to identify necessary revisions in microinteractions with the dropdown menus, filtering options, and clearer signifiers for overnight flights.